Child marriage and trafficking of innocent women and children for sexual exploitation are the two most common forms of gender-based violence in Nepal. Currently, 1.5 million girl-children and teens between 10 and 18 years of age are at the risk of being married in Nepal. Child marriage was outlawed in Nepal in 1963 but in towns and villages across Nepal, child and forced marriage is increasing. The government promises reforms but nothing has changed. The practice persists with impunity. In Nepal, 9 to 10 thousand of our innocent girls and women are trafficked to India annually for forced prostitution and thousands more are enslaved for sexual purposes or forced labor in other countries around the world. In post-conflict situations and natural disasters, gender-based violence escalates. Experts believe that child and forced marriage as well as girl-trafficking increased by almost 20 percent after the devastating earthquake of 2015. The 2017 deadly floods put thousands of more new and innocent girls and women at risk of child marriage and trafficking. Any form of gender-based violence puts young girls, women, and children through unimaginable psychological and physical traumas and diseases.

Media Alert and Relief Foundation is carrying out a 12 month campaign beginning immediately countrywide to aware the vulnerable children, girls and women and their guardians, displaced communities and individuals, school children, migrant populations, security personnel, border security, local level government bodies and communities on the dangers of child and forced marriage and human trafficking and why and how this needs to be stopped. Our campaign will be carried out nationwide through distributing educational and communication materials, through interaction programs, public service messages and talks in radio and television, deploying of other effective grassroots communication techniques like film screening and concerts etc. More than 200 of our local community-based partner organizations across the country will be mobilized in this awareness campaign.

Through this campaign, we are hoping to raise Nepali Rupees (NRS) Two Crores (US$200,000) from individuals like you, companies and sponsors. We will give you all the credit for your contributions through our newsletter, our website, social media and community news platforms. It is a pressing social issue in Nepal and we should all unite to save our sisters from child marriage, forced marriage and trafficking of innocent women and children for sexual exploitation- the two most common forms of gender-based violence in Nepal. Please be generous and join in the campaign to save our sisters.


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